Treatments for Dry Damaged Hair

There are many natural home remedies which are very much capable of solving the problem of dry, damaged hair. These remedies basically comprise of ingredients which are safe, healthful and natural so that your hair always stay beautiful and the follicles protected. Here are a couple of home treatments which will definitely prove to be very helpful:

1) Oil:

The best and the most effective way of nourishing your hair is by treating them with oil. It is suggested that you make a solution out of several different oils like olive oil, castor oil, almond oil and coconut oil and store it in a plastic bottle. Whenever you feel that your hair is dry and deprived of moisture, apply the oil on the hair and scalp. Let it stay for a couple of hours before you decide to wash your hair. This mixture will not only provide your hair with the vital nutrients but it will also enhance their growth and health.

2) Use Egg Once a week:

Eggs are natural conditioners. You might not like them because of their foul smell and texture, but they can do wonders when dealing with dry and damaged hair. You can make a mixture out of an egg and lukewarm water for the attainment of clean and shiny hair. Apply this mixture on your hair and scalp and then rinse. However, if you feel that your hair is severely damaged, then you can also incorporate honey in this mixture and use it every other day of the week.

3) Mayonnaise Can Help:

Like eggs, mayonnaise also has the capability of conditioning your hair. Besides making your hair healthy, it also cleanses them from the roots. To get started with this remedy, apply mayonnaise on each and every strand of your hair from the roots to the tips and allow it to stay overnight. In the morning, use a shampoo with mild ingredients to wash your hair thoroughly.

4) Ripe banana is Great:

Another good element that can save the life of your hair is a ripe banana. To derive its benefits, mash it properly and add some drops of almond oil to it. Treat your hair with this mixture and do not forget to massage it in your scalp too. Wash hair with soda water, instead of regular water, with a mild shampoo and then condition them afterwards. This treatment will restore the health of your hair by protecting them from breaking.