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Exotically sleek, stylish, unique and chic, tribal tattoos are fast becoming probably the most popular ink etched images inscribed onto skin. Tribal tattoos are more than just skin deep: they are actually archaic aesthetic symbols with deep significance and multiple meanings.

Tribal tattoo art are diverse and stylistically abstract, spiritually symbolic and ethnically inspired. Many designs are Native American, Asian, Indian, Ancient Egyptian, Celtic or Polynesian in origin and contain symbolic elements relating to myth, rites of passage, customs, religious beliefs or elements of folklore. The adornment of tribal designs can pay tribute to authentic tribal rituals and beliefs attached to the symbol. They can also act as a modern and deeply self-expressive statement of its bearer.

Tribal Patterns

Worn by organized ethnic groups for thousands of years, tribal tattoos are popular because of they are not very difficult to draw and are simple and subtle looking. A person can relatively easily customize his or her own tattoo design, as they are not overly complex to design. Tribal patterns generally are symmetrical and include lots of loops, swirls, circles and long, jagged ends. They are simpler shapes to replicate. Designs are intentionally simplistic and less-detailed, giving tribals a subtle effect on the skin, especially when worn on the back and arms.

Popular Tribal Images

Animals, hearts, arm bands, crosses, dragons, fairies, suns, stars, astrological symbols, mythical creatures, butterflies, Japanese Kanjii (calligraphy) and abstract symbols are a few popular designs.

The symbolism attached to the tribal design is as rich and varied as the cultural history that characterized the tribe from which it originated. A professional tattoo shop can help you decipher the ethnic origin and symbolism attached to a particular image.

Celebrity Tribals and What They Mean

Many celebrities, both male and female, proudly flaunt their tribal tattoos. Female celebrities have played a tremendous role in tribal tattoo’ rise in popularity. Some examples:

Rihanna’s Moari which represents the native people of New Zealand now dons her wrist. It represents love and strength. Beau Chris Brown shows his love and now sports a matching Moari too.

Angelina Jolie has several tattoos, notably an eastern tribal dragon on her upper arm and another tribal symbol, whose meaning is unclear. Tribal dragons normally represent good fortune or protection in eastern culture.

Sandra Bullock adorns a small, abstract tribal below her navel, while Pamela Anderson has a tribal piece on her lower back.

Looking for Tribal Designs

Selecting the appropriate tattoo design is a very significant and personal decision. The tattoo should represent some aspect of the person’s individuality. The internet and your local tattoo shop are two good places to start looking for tribal tattoo designs. If you are looking thousands of entirely original, unique for professional, high quality, downloadable tribal and general tattoo designs, to help you choose the best design, visit Tattoo Fever.