Virgin Vie Nail Varnish

Nails are like a small canvas due to this virtually all women like to have their nails painted just like our face is a canvas and we tend to apply foundations, blushers and other cosmetics.
In ancient Egypt, both women and men colored their nails to indicate social status. While Egyptian royalty used dark red colors on their nails, the lower classes would only tint their nails a pale, rose color.
In later centuries, women would polish their nails with cloth to give them a shiny appearance.

Normally, I would purchase “Rimmel 60 second nail varnish” as I’m so impatient and I do everything last minute so before a night out I’d do my nails only seconds before the taxi was going to arrive but after buying this product I’ve started doing my nails at the beginning of the day, due to the fact the varnish leaves a gorgeous glossy finish and leaves my nails feeling so smooth that it’s no longer to put nail varnish on, but more of a treat!

What makes this nail polish so good is the nail varnish is ormaldehyde, camphor and DBP free, making it really gentle on your nails whilst giving a fast drying, so no need to get 60 seconds nail varnish because this dries just as quick and leaves a gorgeous high gloss finish.
The brush makes it ten times easy to apply its very soft and makes the varnish go on smoother.

Apparently, the virgin vie nail varnish packaging has changed and so have the shades but the packaging for my product is a clear bottle with glamorous gold writing. The navy blue lid compliments the colours perfectly, the bottle contains 12ml which is quite a lot compared to most nail varnish bottles which tend to be 8ml.

I love the thickness of the glass, it doesn’t feel cheap like Rimmel nail varnishes its petty bulky and looks great with the slightly thick tall navy blue lid.
I always apply three coats of nail varnish, the first coat I leave to dry then by adding a second one after approximately 5 minutes this will help intensify your Nail Varnish and increase its staying power. Then after waiting for the second coat to dry I apply the top coat- a topcoat of Nail Varnish will help to protect your new nail varnish and give it a smooth, glossy finish.

The nail varnish is 7.50 and I think it’s worth paying double for a nail polish and getting ten times better results, the coat always remains glossy even after a week it does look chipped after a week, but don’t all nail varnishes? The colour does remain after a week and it still looks very glossy it just needs a little bit of a touch up at the ends.

I think virgin vie nail varnish is definitely the way forward, I’m definitely going to purchase more, I’m hoping that the shades available for the new version to this are nice because the formulae is high quality and leaves my nails looking great, definitely look out for this product in the virgin vie shop or online!