Vitamins for Newborn Babies

According to Healthy Children, not all newborns will require a vitamin supplement. Almost all formulas contain a balanced amount of the vitamins a baby needs upon birth and up to the first birthday. Exclusively breastfed newborns should take a Vitamin D supplement since there isn’t enough in human milk to meet the daily requirement. However, you may need to give supplements to preterm babies or newborns with health concerns. Your newborn’s pediatrician will usually advise the you when your child needs a vitamin supplement.

Vitamin A

Infants drinking formula and those who breastfeed usually have adequate levels of Vitamin A, but a deficiency can occur due to fat malabsorption or a poor diet, says Keep Kids Healthy. However, too much Vitamin A is also harmful, so unless your child has too little, a supplement is not usually recommended. If needed, you can usually administer it in a liquid form by dropper.

Vitamin C

A deficiency in Vitamin C can lead to scurvy, but is pretty rare for a newborn since formula and breast milk provide the daily requirements. A child under age one who is only given cow’s milk will need to take a supplement, again in liquid form. However, cow’s milk is not recommended until after a child turns one, says Baby Center.

Vitamin K

Most infants are given a Vitamin K shot at birth, but those who aren’t and those who are exclusively breastfed sometimes need supplementation, according to Newborn Baby Zone. A lack of Vitamin K can lead to problems clotting blood.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the one that is most recommended as a supplement for newborn babies. Infants who are given only breast milk do not get as much as they need. Formula usually has the recommended amount, so newborns who take in some or all their feedings with it may not need the extra vitamin. Lack of Vitamin D can lead to rickets, according to Keep Kids Healthy.

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