Wedding Hair Styles

With all the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, having to choose between hundreds of different hairstyles can seem like just another daunting task. Should it be something simple, classic? Or modern and funky, but still pretty?

What it all really comes down to are a few questions you should ask yourself, as the bride.

1. What looks good on me?

2. What is going to hold up all day long?

3. What am I comfortable with?

Once you’ve answered those questions, you should then take into account things like prep-time (is this style going to take all morning to achieve and cut me short on time for other things?), weather forecasts for your wedding day (straight hair curled into hundreds of ringlets might not last through high humidity), and who is going to style your hair (maybe your sister really wants to help, but she flunked out of beauty school-be kind, but firm, and have someone else do it!).

By the time you’ve gone through all of that, you’ll probably have several pictures of different hairstyles in your mind. To make it a little easier on you, here is a list of a few of the most popular, most elegant, and most durable styles for The Big Day.

1. French Twist- There are so many variations for this sleek and classy up-do, you are bound to be able to find one you like.

2. French Braid- It can be done tight, or loose, or in pigtails, even upside down. The top half of your hair can be braided, leaving the rest to fall in waves or curls around your shoulders, or rows and rows of braids can be done, leaving the ends cascading down your back.

3. Modern Twists- This one is really popular among younger women; the top of the hair (from the forehead back to the crown) is simply sectioned off, twisted, and pulled up into a bun, or ponytail. The rest is left to curl.

4. Left down- for a more natural look, try simply leaving your hair down. Whether it is long or short, this is a pretty look. Just remember, if you choose this style, to have your hair trimmed a few days before the wedding, and make sure, if you part your hair, to keep it neat.

5. Cascading curls or waves- If you have shoulder-to-waist length hair, this one is a beautiful style. It’s easier if you have natural curl or wave, but those can be created with a curling iron and some hair spray if you don’t. Simply pull the top half of your hair back in sections, using small clips or bobby-pins to secure each section. At the top section (at the crown of your head), you can either clip a pretty barette or leave it as-is. The result will be layers and layers of gorgeous hair (this can also make thin hair appear much thicker).

You should also remember that almost any hairstyle can be tweaked and adjusted to suit YOU. Just because you take your hairdresser a picture of what you want doesn’t mean it has to be exact- unless, of course, you WANT it to be. But if your dream wedding style doesn’t have bangs and you prefer bangs, by all means, wear bangs! If the style you like is a little more tight and severe than you think you want, don’t be afraid to have your stylist loosen it up a bit, maybe leave a few strands of hair around your face to curl.

After all, it is YOUR day, and YOU should be happy with the results.