Weight and Unhealthy Obsession

The term that states that someone is ‘worth their weight in gold,’ generally refers to personality. However, this term may soon be going out of fashion as nowadays it seems that the more you weigh the less you are worth. Society’s obsession with weight has become so intense that people are measured and their bodies scrutinised, so that a judgement can be made as to whether they are a desirable size.

We are told that we all have a BMI, or body mass index. This is used in-order to tell us if we literally measure up. At first this tool was a useful way of finding out if individuals needed to gain or lose weight in-order to become healthy and so avoid disease. But lately our B M I’s have become a weight themselves, around the necks of people who simply don’t fit in with society’s idea about how they should be.

It is a fact that we are all born to be different shapes and sizes. God, if you believe that he was your maker, didn’t design everyone to have a perfect BMI. I would imagine he was pretty happy with his human design and that in making individuals a little different he regarded this as a gift.

Unfortunately mankind views things in a different way. Somewhere along the line society has come up with the idea that we need to be as similar as possible. An ideal appearance has been put forward and the race is on to reach perfection. What began as a sensible ideal, that was to not be so skinny that you were malnourished or so overweight that you put stress on your organs, has turned into a completely different beast of burden.

The body mass index has become just another measurement of guilt. Individuals fearfully attempt to be that which they are not, fall short of the mark and then resume the battle to fit in. This involves an obsession with inwardly reminding themselves that they are bad when they don’t have the right BMI.

What happens when a person constantly engages in negative self talk is that they lose confidence in themselves, their self esteem plummets and they can’t help but compare themselves to others around them.

There may be a way around all of this though, as perhaps BMI’s are not necessary. After-all, didn’t we all survive before this invention? We generally know if we are over-weight and should lose a few pounds in-order to stay well. We can see if we are too thin and need to build ourselves up. It could just be that we don’t need a BMI to obsess over and that we can manage just fine without it.