What Are the Benefits of Trampoline Exercises?

Trampoline exercises, often referred to as rebounding exercises, offer a range of health and fitness benefits. Rebounding exercises combine the forces of acceleration, gravity and weightlessness to keep your whole body moving. To begin a trampoline exercise program, look for a mini-trampoline with a tight surface. Enjoy returning to this beloved childhood activity.

Weight Loss

Rebounding exercises provide a low-intensity cardiovascular workout that stimulates your metabolism and promotes weight loss. These exercises also work to tone and strengthen muscles in your core and legs, allowing you to feel fitter and leaner.

Increased Lymphatic Circulation

On CBS’ “The Early Show,” Minna Lessig noted that mini-trampoline rebounding exercises promote lymphatic circulation. The lymphatic system requires exercise to function properly. This important system removes waste from the body’s cells and promotes a stronger immune system, leading to fewer colds and minor illnesses. When you move your whole body up and down with rebounding exercises on a mini-trampoline, you encourage your lymphatic system to flow more efficiently. BusyWomensFitness.com suggests that, by increasing lymphatic circulation, trampoline exercises help remove cholesterol and other toxins from the body.

Increased Oxygen Circulation

Trampoline exercises also increase oxygen circulation through your body’s tissues and your lungs, promoting deeper breathing. When you begin to take deeper breaths, you will feel more energetic and less stressed. Fr. Morton Walker’s “Jumping for Health” describes a range of anti-stress benefits of trampoline exercises.

Better Balance and Coordination

Mini-trampoline exercises help you improve your balance and coordination as you focus on landing on a small target. The trampoline’s surface moves in slightly different directions each time you land on it, forcing your muscles to constantly adjust to maintain your balance.

Increased Bone Density

According to a CBS News article, mini-trampoline exercises promote bone density and reduce your risk of osteoporosis. These exercises offer a lower-impact alternative to exercises such as running, allowing you to strengthen bones while avoiding too much wear on your joints. Trampoline exercises lead to far fewer joint and muscle injuries than higher-impact exercises, according to BusyWomensFitness.com.

Firmer Skin

Both CBS News and BusyWomensFitness.com assert that trampoline exercises tone and firm your skin. Your skin cells work to resist the high G forces you experience during trampoline exercises. As the cells resist, they become firmer.

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