What Are the Signs at 5 Weeks Pregnant?

Maybe it’s intuition, maybe you are simply hoping it’s true. Whatever the case may be, you need to know what some of the earliest signs of pregnancy are so you can confirm your suspicions and decorate the nursery. Once you are 5 weeks pregnant, a variety of symptoms will begin; symptoms that you cannot mistake or deny.

A Missing Menses

This is perhaps the first sign that motherhood is on the horizon. While some of the following symptoms may have begun, you may not begin noticing them until you realize your menses is missing. Some women may still experience slight bleeding. However, it is usually much lighter and its color is typically pink rather than red. When this occurs, it is known as implantation bleeding and is not your normal cycle.

Sore Breasts

According to womens-health-questions.com, this is one of the most noticeable signs of pregnancy, especially in the fifth week. Your hormones increase in preparation for breastfeeding. To do this, both estrogen and progesterone work together to produce milk. It is during this time that your nipples become tender and swollen and your breasts feel full and heavy. You may notice it more at night or during physical activity.

Morning Sickness

Arthur Schoenstadt, MD of eMedTV.com states that nearly 50 percent of mothers experience morning sickness during their fifth week of pregnancy. It may cause nausea, vomiting or both, and, despite its name, it can happen at any time of the day or night.

One of the major reasons for this symptom is the rapid increase in estrogen levels. They slow the emptying of your stomach, which paves the way for nausea and vomiting. An increased sensitivity to certain smells is also a contributing factor.

Increased Urination

Perhaps one of the most annoying symptoms of pregnancy, this usually subsides once you have entered your second trimester. However, during your fifth week, your body is preparing to care for you and the baby. To do this, it produces extra fluid, including the blood needed for both of you. The excess fluid is processed by your kidneys and sent to your bladder for expulsion. This, combined with the growing uterus pressing on your bladder, makes the bathroom your best friend in the beginning of your pregnancy.

Feeling Tired and Run Down

During your fifth week it is normal for you to want to sleep all the time. In fact, you may find yourself going to bed earlier than usual, waking later than normal and still wanting to sleep through the day. This is completely normal and is due, once again, to the increase in hormones and the changes they are causing to take place. This too shall pass. However, until it does, get the rest when you feel you need it.

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