What Household Products Will Help With Breakouts When Pregnant?

Many of the most common acne medications are dangerous for pregnant women to take, according to the American Pregnancy Association, and those that are approved are best used in serious cases. Still, glowing skin isn’t the case for every pregnant woman. In fact, hormonal changes can wreak havoc on a pregnant women’s skin, even if she never had acne before. Many pregnant women rely on home remedies to solve their breakout problems.

Soap and Water

Plain soap and water washes, according to the American Pregnancy Association, are effective treatments for acne during pregnancy. Cleansing the fact twice daily removes excess dirt, oil and skin cells that clog pores and lead to pimples. Use plain soaps without fragrances and without acne-fighting ingredients to avoid irritation and potential pregnancy complications. Finish by wiping away remaining soap residue and oil with an astringent. Follow with a light moisturizer.

Warm Compress

Steam open pores and sothes irritated skin. If you are suffering from redness or blotchy breakouts try using a warm compress. Dip your wash cloth in warm but not scalding water and lay it over your face. Heat it up and replace it as it cools. Do this before washing your face to steam open your pores or do it in the afternoon for a fresh-faced look and a gentle sin pick-me up. It also helps remove mid-day oil and dirt.

Exfolliating Scrubs

Exfolliants scrub away dead skin cells. Harsh exfolliants can actually make acne worse by irritating or over-drying skin, but gentle exfoliation helps prevent acne. Mix a palm full of sea salt or brown sugar with an equal amount of honey and gently rub over your face. Wash off immediately after scrubbing.


Switch your laundry detergent to one that doesn’t contain perfumes or dyes. Also consider using half as much detergent as the bottle recommends. Sometimes women become sensitive to these additives.


Humidifiers transform your air, which can help transform your skin. Furnaces, air conditioners and harsh seasonal conditions can dry out your home’s air. Breakouts often occur when skin is too dry. Humidifiers increase the moisture in the air, which helps prevent your skin from drying out according to the Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies. Aim for 30 to 40 percent moisture in your home’s air to help with breakouts.

Skip Makeup

Makeup could be contributing to your breakouts. Your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy. Go without makeup as often as you can, according to Women’s Health. Makeup can clog pores. It also often contains ingredients which irritate sensitive skin.