What to do if you Cut your Hair Short

This can be one of the most tragic things to happen to you! Cutting your hair too short when you wanted to go a bit shorter or even wanted a crop, can be a horrible experience if you are all about your looks and feel as though it does not suit you at all! Well there are ways to make it work for you actually, and it all it takes is a bit experience into making a disaster turn into a fashionable miracle! Here are some pointers that will keep you going strong and confident till your hair starts flourish and grow back!

Wear a hat –

This can be a number one tip for sure, and there are many really pretty and stylish hats out there to try. A fun sun hat for spring and summer is tempting, as well as a 1920’s cloche, which are all the rage once more. The cloche actually hides most of your head so it can be considered one of the best looks to go for when you feel as though your hair is much to short to even show. If your hair is long enough, show it coming out of the sides of the hat, for a 20’s flapper look, this could be your main look until your hair grows back! See? Being cute and trendy still comes quickly when a hair disaster comes your way.

Try new and different styles –

If you are courageous enough to show your shorter than desired hair, try to style it in a manner where you feel okay with it. If it is really short, use some product, this is especially good with if you have layers, you can give a messy bed head look that can be chic and feminine all in one. You can also, if it is long enough just tie it back for awhile till it grows. Nothing wrong with a sleek small ponytail. If those still don’t find flattering to you, you can brush it down and slick it down with gel for a prestigious look.

Dye it a different color –

Yes this might sound crazy but maybe your shorter hair do would look better in a different color spectrum on yourself? If you are brunette, nothing is cuter than adding honey highlights to short hair, or go all the way and make it medium blonde to platinum! Short blonde hair gives a fun and free feeling, its very stylish and many stars have adapted to it. If you are already blonde, try some lowlights or venture in the dark side, or even the red side! There are just so many things you can with it in this manner.

If all else fails hide in your house till you’re ready! That was only half a joke, hopefully you will try new ideas!