What to do with Short Hair for a Wedding

What you do with short hair for a wedding really depends on different criteria. For example, what role are you playing in the wedding? This matters because different criteria applies which includes the costume being worn, your age range, and indeed what suits your facial features. In this guide, it is intended to give advice to all ladies about short styles suited to a wedding ceremony, as guests as well as those participating are faced with similar dilemmas.

The bride

One of the first things a bride needs to look at before deciding upon a hair style is the overall look she is creating. That wonderful wedding dress and veil need to be considered when thinking of a suitable style. The stylist will need to get an overall idea of the style you have in mind, though will need more than this. The tiara or veil fixings will need to work with the chosen style of hair and it is wise to take these to the stylist in advance to talk about the styles which will work, given the addition of such relevant pieces of head-wear.

Often when the style of tiara is considered before the hair is styled, the stylist will be able to compliment these additions and make sure that the style is not given a flat look once the bride puts on her veil and tiara. Short hair is particularly fashionable, and the stylist will be able to sweep the hair back to take the lines of the tiara and cut and style the bangs, if appropriate, in a complimentary fashion.

For the bride who is simply wearing a floral head dress creation, similarly the stylist will be able to talk through different styles, dependent upon the texture of the hair, the shape of the face, and the overall image created. Natural looking curls look very pretty with a floral head dress. Adding highlights to the hair also gives it an extra glow for that special occasion. The stylist may wish also to talk to the bride about the jewelry chosen to compliment the costume, as this can also be used to determine which style works best with the style of hair, and coloring chosen.

Short hair cut into a complimentary bob looks nice curled under neatly, and will withstand the placement of a veil without it impacting the way the hair looks. With this kind of style, hold is important, and a styling mousse or gel will help to hold the hair neatly in place for the ceremony.

Family members

Often at a formal wedding, guests wear hats. The problems associated with wearing hats is that they tend to flatten those styles which depend upon height. Again, talking to the stylist and showing her the chosen hat will help her to determine which style works best with that attire. This is important, since the wedding is not over immediately after the ceremony, and the formal guests will want their hair to look just as good after the hat is removed for the reception.

Mention worries to your stylist and be aware of any difficulties which you may have to endure, because this helps in the decision of what style to use. Some hats positively cry out for layered styles which add to the look by creating neat curl below the hat line. Other styles may actually be ruined by lack of planning and become very flat in looks if this is not thought out in advance.

For those ladies who are fortunate enough to be able to wear an extremely short style, these should be cut, dried and a mousse or styling gel applied, so that the hair beneath their hat stays in shape. Not many women can get away with the Demi Moore look, though the style is wonderfully flattering for the right face shape.

The older lady

Older ladies may find that their perm will look messy. Talk to the stylist about how to use a special comb to bring back the height and to neaten the look easily. These can be carried in a handbag and make a great addition to your beauty products. Teased out after being blown or after wearing a hat, a perm can look great on the older lady. The style should also include a little coloring to make the hair look stunning, though for those who prefer to stay gray or even white, there are subtle colorings which can be added in a semi-permanent method, which help to accentuate the style, and give a classical look to their shorter hair style.


Bridesmaids with short hair can look just as pretty as those with flowing locks, if the right head dress is chosen. Simplicity is the key. The bridesmaids should never try to outdo the bride, and simple floral head bands can flatter most short styles. For younger girls, little clips with flowers can be added to hold back an area of the bangs, so that the face area is more exposed, and a simple bob can be transformed into a more classical look with the use of these clips, clipping back both sides neatly and enhancing the prettiness of the bridesmaid and blending her costume colors with the flowers in her head dress.

The use of color

For short styles in blond, the colors which can highlight the hair are subtle ones. Lowlights add texture without having to add layers. If you do not wish to have your hair layers, but find that the style you have looks dull and lifeless, lowlights bring the whole hairstyle into perspective, and follow the sweep of the hair. Done by a professional, a shade darker than the original color works well to produce a healthy look to the hair.

Those with darker hair can add the same texture by having highlights of colors which blend in with the natural color, at the same time as having their hair styled. Burgundy, or light chestnut streaks add another dimension to the hair. This suits those styles where the cut is of paramount impact. Hair swept forward with longer bangs looks great with a little extra color.

Use of temporary color to add style.

If you are a little wary about adding color to hair, or indeed too young for parents to permit this, perhaps they will be flexible about the use of hair extensions. These can be applied by the stylist, though there are hair extensions which can be added at home by expert hands, and which carry instructions. Although the idea is not to extend the hair too much, a color strand or two placed strategically can work wonders.

Whatever the style you choose for short hair, bear in mind that the wedding day lasts longer than just the ceremony. If there are going to be events following the ceremony, ensure that you know how to keep that style looking great all day and evening too. Talking to a stylist about your requirements helps, as they will be able to show you how to maintain that cut, so that it looks its best on the day. Using their expertise and your incentive to look nice, short hair really can look feminine and very pretty for a wedding, and when you have decided upon the style, you can then relax and enjoy the event, knowing you did what you could to keep that hair looking its best.