What your Clothes say about you

Have you ever heard the saying that the clothes make the man. I agree. How you dress is a pretty good indication as to who you are and what you are about. Our choice of clothes speaks for us in several ways: who you are, what you are, what you would like to be. How you dress is the first impression that a person sees before you open our mouth therefore, choose your dress very carefully. It could end up making or breaking you.

Who you are

What you wear makes a bold statement and it is not so much about the cost. Example, if I am going for the job as the school librarian I certainly would not want to wear a hooch-chee out fit. That type of dress would reveal all of your personal self. Young ladies, you are special and should dress accordingly. You don’t have to reveal that which is private to impress anyone. Save your pride and dignity, one day you will be glad that you did. I know that being young is fun and mostly innocent but, remember one day you will be old. Don’t let what you do as a youth follow you when you are old. Sometimes revealing dress can be misinterpreted and people get hurt. This article is not intended to condemn anyone just a reminder to take time to see yourself as others will see you.

For the older generation choose your wardrobe according to your age and size this is very important. If you are a plus size it is obvious that you cannot wear a petite size there is simply is not enough material there to cover all of you. As we get older our style in clothes should change with our age. There are great clothes to fit most sizes and you look very nice.

What you would like to be

We all want to be something wonderful and want to be respected, right? Sometimes following the trend is not what or who we are. Why would you follow the trend if that is not trendy for you? Everything does not fit everyone. Decide at an early age who and what it is that you want to do with your life and pattern that life style at an early age. I did not make the rules, they were here when I got here and we all must follow them. If you want to introduce good change you must first be in a position to make change; otherwise you go along to get where you need to be. The world around us has not changed so much that respect has been thrown out the window. The code of silence still exists today.

Young men pardon me, but when I can see your buttocks and, I’m not in a peep show that is too much for me. I once heard a person say that it is very hard to hire someone with one hand when the job calls for two hands. Meaning that if you must always use one hand to keep your pants up- leaving you one handed incapable of doing the job-you lose.

Finally, clothes might not make the person but, they certainly give an impress as to who they are or want to be.