What your Eyes say about your Personality

The art of face reading has its roots in ancient Greece and China and there are many sayings about the face; “If looks could kill”, “Her face was an open book” and of course, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” A look from across the room can attract or repel. A wink can be coy or lecherous. So much can be learned about a person simply by studying their eyes.

Droopy eyelids can give someone the deceptive appearance or being sleepy or bored, but the opposite is generally the case. These are people of influence and power who are on the ball, making things happen.

Natural planners and list makers tend to have “wide awake” eyes which gives them a perky or surprised look. These individuals always have something on the go.

People with wide-set eyes tend to be able to see the proverbial larger picture. While they can be pleasant folks, they also tend to procrastinate. Those with close-set eyes have a reputation of being detail-oriented and people with small eyes are reputed to see everything. Highly-intellectual, philosophical individuals such as Einstein tend to have the deep-set eyes he was known for.

The lines around the eyes also tell a lot about a person. A single vertical line between the eyes indicates someone who marches to their own drummer while two vertical lines marks someone who worries a lot or is compulsive. Three parallel horizontal lines above the nose is someone with good fortune while several broken or wavy lines shows high levels of stress.

Lines that extend upward from the corner of the eyes are called crow’s feet and they mark a person with a pleasant disposition and sense of humour. When the lines extend downward, it is a sign of someone who is communicates well with others and is gifted with inner wisdom.

Eye colour can give an interesting glimpse at someone’s personality. People with brown eyes are serious, affectionate and care very much for family. Hazel-eyed people are mentally agile, but get bored easily if there are not enough things going on at once. Quick-tempered, intelligent and curious people are marked by green eyes while analytical and clear-thinkers are indicated by grey eyes. The personality markers of blue eyes varies with the shade of blue. Blue-grey denotes humanitarian and altruistic tendencies, light blue indicates a peaceful person with low physical endurance, and deep blue eyes are typical of someone who is spiritual and intense.

Lastly, eyelashes slanted toward the nose may be a warning sign of impotence in men and frigidity in women while bags under the eyes can indicate unresolved grief or poor health.

A little glimpse into another person’s eyes can reveal so much about them, but remember: while evaluating someone by their eyes, the other person has a wonderful opportunity to do the same with you. What do your eyes say about you?

Source: L.A Justice, How to Read Faces!, Globe Communication Corp., 1997.