What your Hairstyle says about you

Many people go to their hairdresser with the idea in mind that they want their hair to look a certain way, but without really thinking about what the particular hairstyle they choose says to people that might seem them.

This is unfortunate, because though your choice of hairstyle might make you feel a certain way about yourself, it might also be making statements to the world about what type of person you are or even your character that you may not like.

For example, if you are either male or female and come home from the hairdresser with a Mohawk, you are sending a very clear message to anyone that sees you, that you are a rebel of sorts and might even be a little or a lot menacing, because a Mohawk is an aggressive type of hairstyle and those that wear it are seen as radical. So, even if you think of yourself as meek and unassuming, others will see you quite differently and may or may not react in ways you like.

Conversely, if you are an aggressive person, a loner and perhaps truly are a menace to society, if you choose a sedate hairstyle that looks more like what older business people would choose to fit in to their type of culture, you might find you have difficulty convincing anyone that they should take you seriously.

Like it or not, everyone one of us judges and are judged by everyone we see. Judgments and opinions are made in split seconds regardless of whether they represent the truth or only our vision of it as we march though our days.

This is why it’s important for people to consider the impact their choice of hairstyle makes on those they come into contact with, especially if it’s at the workplace. It’s not as simple as choosing a hairstyle that we think looks cool or hot, or mimicking someone we admire by adopting their hairstyle. Doing so only serves to offer a specific area of our personality to others to judge us as a whole, which may or may not be what we intended in the first place.

On the other hand, choosing a hairstyle based on how we believe others will perceive us might not always work either, because we might find ourselves wandering about in our lives feeling like a fraud. If for example, you get a nice business trim for your professional position, surely those that see you there, will assume you are the professional type who fits right in and thus won’t see the need to give you a second glance. But if inside, you feel you are a very different person whose personality might be better suited to a lifestyle where purple hair and lots of hairspray are a way of life, you might find you are unhappy, even if you appear to be successful.

The bottom line is; how you wear your hair does say a lot about you. It tells others if you are conservative, or liberal, straight and narrow or wild and daring. It tells other people that you are the kind of person who sees conforming to society’s rules as important or someone who doesn’t care in the least. It tells people some small bit about who you really are, even if that was never your intent.