Why Women are so Desperate to be Skinny

Ask any woman how she feels about her body and she will probably respond by saying that she is dissatisfied with it, as so many women are. One of the most prominent issues that women face with regard to their appearance is their size and despite the fact that men usually assert their preference for curvy women, plenty of women are striving to be thinner than they currently are. At one time or another most women will have been on a diet, and there are those who proclaim that they are constantly on a diet, having to watch what they eat like a hawk just so they can continue fitting into their skinny jeans. If it isn’t men demanding that women be skinny, who exactly is?

Well, obviously, it is women who are putting the most pressure on themselves to live up to the ridiculous ideal of skinny beauty propagated in fashion magazines and on the catwalk, as well as in film and television. The media sells a certain notion of beauty which women seem prepared to lap up, hoping more than believing, perhaps, that if they lose a bit of weight they can emulate the success of the models and celebrities that often grace the cover of well-known magazines.

Women feel pressured to look good, and if they are constantly told that being thin equates to being attractive then they are likely to take steps to ‘improve’ their appearance. In the magazines they read and the television shows they watch there are always celebrities revealing their weight-loss tips and tricks, as well as a multitude of advertisements for products and services that can supposedly aid weight loss. This kind of weight-obsessed culture obviously influences the way women think about their own bodies, and makes women more determined to live up to the ideal of skinny beauty.

When all their friends are slim, they want to be slim too, whilst part of them wants to be even thinner so that they can show-off their figure and tell the world that it wasn’t so hard to lose weight, even if it is a real battle to keep their weight down. There are women who get a real sense of satisfaction from losing weight and gaining the attention of their female friends, maybe even making them jealous. It is therefore clear that a lot of women aren’t aiming to lose weight so they can become fitter and healthier, but with the aim of being skinny. They want to get into smaller-sized clothing and to be noticeably thinner so they can conform to a ridiculous notion of beauty which isn’t really representative of the population at large.