Why Women Hide their Real Age

It’s a youth obsessed world here on our Earth and our human females are definitely playing their part. There’s even a mention of a Fountain of Youth in old myths and stories and how old battered women would grab hold of that light, and turn it on themselves making them gorgeous, full of life, and most importantly, young again.

For centuries, women around the world have tried to keep up their appearance. They have colored their hair to colors they found flattering on themselves, covered their faces in deep pounds of makeup and lathered their bodies in lotions. Why, even today there is retinol age defying lotion for a woman’s face, which shows the evidence that women really do want to keep that stay young beauty.

But is there anything wrong with growing old? Why is it that women are fearing it? Is it because of the images they see of wrinkly, cantankerous old witches? It probably isn’t something as silly as that is, but an old wrinkled face, hands, and feet are what plays into it absolutely. No woman wants to lose her beauty, wants to lose her face to the battle of becoming old. But you know, everyone has to get their someday and why not still think you look striking?

Will society ever accept an aged older woman? It seems like this cycle will go on forever, not because of society, but because of women themselves. It can be seen that its just built into a woman’s mind to act upon their growing age. once they see that grey hair or wrinkle under their tired eye, they rush out and take care of it. Not only that, they stress upon the subject more wondering what can prevent all these occurrences from happening.

Basically a woman growing older has an instinct, an instinct that wants her to relive her youthful form, relive her personality for days old past. Sure, you can still act yourself in a more mature manner and sure, you can color over your graying hair but the one thing women fear the most is, they can’t cover over their aging face. But growing old is a magical thing. Once a woman knows she’s getting there, she can look at her past and say to herself that “you’ve been there, you’ve done that, you’ve accomplished so much. It is time for you to pass that torch to someone else with appreciation. And you know what? Who says I can’t do much else, I’m ready for the world to show me more.”