Why Women should Practise Size Acceptance

Women are so critical of their bodies that they can never simply look in the mirror and appreciate what they’ve got. Instead, they simply spend their time comparing themselves to other women, including supposedly perfect female celebrities, who obviously have the time and a lot of help to look that good, or just their friends and family members who they see as more attractive than themselves. Women find flaws in their own appearance where there are none, and size is an issue which many find difficult to come to terms with.

Not all women are designed to be a size 0, and yet many aspire to be. Women should realise, though, that being preoccupied with their size is just going to make them depressed, and that it is a much better idea to practise size acceptance.

The media may peddle the notion that being fat is bad while being thin is good, but that is not the experience of most ordinary women. Being a little bit chubby means they can go out and have a good time with friends, eating and drinking what they want without worrying whether they’ve exceeded their calorie allowance or not. Some women are naturally skinny, but for many women it is a real struggle to stay slim, and so why should they spend their time continually worrying about whether they’re eating too much or not just because they don’t live up to society’s expectations of ‘beauty’?

It is probably the media that has the greatest amount of influence over society’s perception of beauty, as they continually promote skinny girls as being attractive, even though there is actually a wide range of attitudes towards what constitutes beauty. There are plenty of men who would prefer to see a woman actually being able to fill out a bra or sexy lingerie, something which women carrying a little bit of extra weight can do, than seeing a pre-adolescent schoolgirl’s figure.

It can be hard for women to accept their size, though, when there is a barrage of news stories documenting the dangers of obesity and when most successful women also tend to be thin. Obese women face a harder time in the workplace, either when trying to get a job or when going for promotion, and can end up having to face insults just because of their weight.

However, as more people are getting heavier it is evident that no obese woman is on her own, as there are plenty of others in her position, which is why there ought to be some sense of female solidarity when it comes to weight issues. Instead of competing against each other to see who can be the skinniest, women ought to unite to celebrate the diversity of the female form, since it is size acceptance that will ultimately help everyone to feel better about themselves.