Why Women want to Achieve the Perfect Body

Most individuals try to take care of their appearance as a great deal of importance is attributed to the way people look in our society. It seems that women are particularly susceptible to the images they see so that when they are continually bombarded with images of models and celebrities who possess what they are told is the ‘perfect’ body they can’t help but wish they looked that way, too.

Of course, in reality there is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ body, even if the media propagates the idea that there is. When the only women featured in magazines are stick-thin with toned arms, legs and abdominal muscles it is not surprising that ordinary women take this message on board. They turn on the television or watch a movie and are again confronted with the same situation – all the female stars are extremely slim and toned.

Any time there happens to be a woman who does not conform to this thin ideal, perhaps being a little bit chunkier than usual, a big fuss is made about how this individual happens to accept her body and that she is strong enough to resist the pressure to be thin. Usually, before you know it, they have lost a lot of weight, can fit into size 0 clothing, and appear to be getting more prominent acting roles. Thus, the message is confirmed that if you’re skinny you are more likely to be successful.

Most ordinary women do not have jobs that put them in the spotlight where their bodies are under constant scrutiny, but this doesn’t stop them exerting pressure on themselves to look good, which in their eyes means being slim. Their idea of the perfect body is very much influenced by society’s perception of beauty. Even though individuals may not necessarily accept the definition of beauty that the media has helped create, it doesn’t stop many from aspiring to it.

There are plenty of men who are attracted to curvy women, and do not find skinny, athletic figures attractive at all, but this doesn’t stop women from trying to lose weight and tone up their bodies. Women seem to convince themselves that if they can manage to lose enough weight to be considered skinny then they will feel more confident in their skin and that this will bring them greater success in their personal life and maybe even their career.

This is not always the case, though, and since few women are able to actually obtain the ‘perfect’ body they want they can never be happy with what they’ve got, consequently affecting their confidence levels, which is why women should eschew any notion of the perfect body.