Why Women want to have the Body of a Celebrity

Living in the age of celebrity makes it virtually impossible to escape the images of perfectly coiffed, exquisitely styled, and incredibly slim specimens that make it on to the front cover of various magazines. Beautiful female celebrities seem to everywhere, popping up in commercials, television shows, and movies, whilst some have even decided to move into the world of politics. They often are often portrayed as some kind of ‘superwomen’ who are able to combine a hectic work schedule with family life and political activism, yet still manage to look fantastic.

Is it any wonder that ordinary women can feel the pressure to look like these female celebrities when they happen to be revered for their beauty? Never mind the fact that these celebrities usually have a lot of help to look that good. They can afford to employ nannies to look after their children when they decide it’s time to train in their conveniently located home gym. They don’t need to keep the house tidy when they can simply employ a housekeeper; nor do they have to prepare meals when they have their own personal chef. Celebrities have the time and money to spend working out and eating well, unlike a lot of busy women who aren’t so famous.

Female celebrities have usually become successful, in part, due to their looks, so of course they are going to try to maintain their physical up-keep as it is their bodies which help bring employment, and therefore money. Non-celebrity women don’t usually face such an issue, and yet they still spend their time examining pictures of individuals such as Angelina Jolie and wishing they had her slim, toned body. They don’t usually have as much time to go to the gym, though, and would prefer to spend any spare time they do have with their family. They don’t want to spend hours working out, even if they would like to have a celebrity body.

Consequently, many women may wish to have a celebrity body, but often are unable or unprepared to put the effort in. Ordinary women may be constantly bombarded with images of perfect celebrity bodies, with no stretch marks or and a completely flat tummy on women who gave birth just a few weeks previously, but most are aware that make-up, surgery, lighting and good photography can all play a part, too. Men might drool over pictures of female celebrities, but most are more than happy with their partner’s body. This doesn’t stop women feeling insecure about the way they look, though, especially when they are continually told that celebrity bodies are perfection.