Why you should use a Professional Hairbrush

Women spend hundreds of dollars on cuts, colours, appliances and product, all to undo their investment by using the wrong brush at home. Brushes are the most underrated styling tool, but are maybe the most essential. Not only does the right brush prevent damage, it is the instrument that maximizes the effectiveness of all the other hair products and services you have purchased.

One of the key features to look for in a brush is 100% boar bristles. Boar bristles stimulate the scalp’s natural emollient and distribute through the hair to give you a natural conditioning effect. Premium boar bristles are “first cut” bristles, meaning, each quill is thicker and has a rounded tip that creates a luxurious massaging affect on the scalp. Take it a step further and ask your stylist to recommend a static-free brush to tame fly-aways.

Ionic’ is a finishing term often used but rarely understood. In a nutshell, negative ions are positive for your hair. Negative ion-infused bristles shrink the water particles in hair-and less water in the hair shaft means less frizz. The negative ions close the hair shaft, leaving every strand smooth and super shiny. Tourmaline, the jewel of hair-care products, is a semi-precious crushed gemstone infused into bristles for its ionic properties and to infuse moisture into the hair.

Both metal and nylon bristles easily penetrate thick curly hair. Staggered, seamless bristles prevent breakage because they don’t snag. Even microscopic seams in cheap brushes and combs can catch on the shaft and leave you with breakage. Have you ever seen short, wiry strands of hair that randomly appear out of nowhere? Those are locks that have likely snapped while styling with the wrong brush.

Metal bristles and barrels distribute heat when used in combination with a hair dryer. Ceramic coated barrels are even better, as they smooth the hair shaft and distribute heat evenly for faster styling and securing those sleek waves and bouncy curls.

Vented brushes are recognizable by their hollow or slotted centre allowing dryer heat to flow through the hair faster. They are best for looser styles making them the first choice for children’s hair.

Take notice of what brushes your stylist is using at your next appointment. Small barrels, large barrels, square barrels, teasing brushes, paddle brushes, sculpting brushes-there is a specific brush for your specific style. Bringing the right one home will complete your hair care collection, and help you recreate your style like a professional.

source: The Cricket Company