Worst Celebrity Hair

One the features that matters most to people is their hair. Often we look to celebrities when trying to find the hottest style. Not all celebrity haircuts are awesome. There have been a few major hair disasters.  Here is a look at some of the worst hair mishaps of all time. 

Cassie- R and B singer Cassie may be known for looking glamorous but in 2009 her style, was far from it.  The young singer who was trying for an edgy look decided that she was going to shave only one side of her head and leave her long dark locks  on the other side.  She has since opted for a different style.

Rumor Willis-The daughter of Bruce and Demi Moore is an up and coming actress.  In 2007, while wearing a wig for a movie she decided to go drastic. The dark haired beauty decided to go short choppy and blonde. Bleach blonde at that.  Being so very bleach blonde simply did not match her features as she takes after her mother with dark eyes and eyebrows.

Nick Nolte – In 2002 Nick Nolte had a run in with the law. He was arrested by the California Patrol for driving under the influence. In addition to the drunken driving charge there was another disaster: His hair.  Partly gray and all greasy from his mug shot it would be hard to tell when exactly he had last combed his hair.  His long mane was pointing in each and every direction.

Christopher Reid-just who is Chris Reid? Well many readers may know his as one half of the duo Kid and Play. Kid and Play where a successful comedy and rap group in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Chris “Kid” Reid was known for sporting the hair cut made popular among African Americans the flat top. This hair cut was all about getting your hair as tall as it can go. Not wide like the afro rather tall. Kid is notorious for having some of the tallest hair. Eventually he did decide to cut it down.

Tyra  Banks- Tyra Banks actually made People Magazine’s worst hair list. While she may be a top model and is known for her weaves, she has had some true hair disasters. Perhaps the biggest hair blunder she has had was the gigantic bun on top of her head. It looked like a giant pretzel that started right at her hair line.

It just goes to show even celebrities can have hair disasters.