Yoga Exercises for Youthful Skin

Yoga exercises can contribute to you having more youthful looking skin. This is because practicing yoga gives your skin a healthy glow by boosting the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your skin and balancing your hormones. This helps keep your skin resilient and prevents excessive sagging and dryness. Yoga also helps tone the muscles of your neck and face.

Kapalabhati Breathing Exercise

This yogic breathing exercise literally translates to “skull shining” and is considered to so cleansing to the whole system that, when practiced regularly, causes the face to shine with good health and radiance. To practice kapalabhati, contract your abdominal muscles quickly to push the air forcefully from your lungs. Relax your abdominal muscles to allow passive inhalation to take place (do not inhale forcefully). Pump your abdomen in and out quickly and continuously until you do one round of 20 to 30 pumps. Sudden expulsion of breath accompanied with passive inhalations automatically cause the lungs to expand and inflate with air. Try to pause between rounds and do a total of two to three rounds of this breathing exercise.


This yoga pose is often referred to as the “queen” of all the yoga asanas (postures). One of the many benefits of this position is that it helps you maintain clear, smooth and youthful looking skin. To do a shoulderstand, lie flat on your back. Bring your feet together. Keep your head and neck on the floor as you inhale and lift both your legs until they form a right angle with your body. Place your hands onto your buttocks. Gently lift your body up by walking your hands down your back. Breathe normally. Come out of the position by lowering your feet to a 45-degree angle behind your head. Position your hands flat on the ground behind your back. Keep your head on the floor as you slowly unroll your body, coming down to the ground, one vertebra at a time.

Plough Pose

The plough pose stretches the whole spine, making the spine healthier and more flexible while stretching your legs and hips. Plough pose also slows down the appearance of the signs of aging, particularly in the way your skin appears. To do the plough pose, start in shoulderstand. Slowly lower both your feet toward the floor behind your head, while keeping your knees straight. If your toes reach the floor, you can bring your hands to the ground behind your back, with your palms flat on the ground and parallel to each other. If your feet do not reach the floor, you can keep your hands on your back. To come out of plough pose, return to the shoulderstand pose and then come down from that position slowly.

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