Do looks really Matter

When you visit a grocery store don’t you pick fruits and vegetables based on their external appearance? You analyze them carefully and choose the ones that look fresh assuming them to be good on the inside. It’s the general human tendency to judge people and things based on their outward appearance.

When someone meets you for the first time, all they can see is your external appearance. They don’t know about your talents or your character. They can judge you only on the basis of your looks. It might seem a little superficial but people do judge a book by its cover especially if they don’t know what’s inside the book. Their judgment might however change once they get to know you better. So the saying “First impression is the last impression” might not always be true. If you find an attractive person, dressed in chic clothes acting a bit aloof, you might perceive him to be stuck-up. But when you get to know this person on a deeper level you realize that the judgment you made after your first meeting was entirely wrong. He is a quiet person but very friendly and not the snob you perceived him to be. It’s not the appearance entirely but the combination of looks and behavior that determines what others think of us.

People also tend to frame opinions about a person’s attitude based on the way he dresses. Imagine you are the interviewer conducting a job interview. The first candidate who comes in for the interview is well groomed and wearing neat formal clothes. The second candidate comes in shabbily dressed in casual clothes and with unkempt hair and dirty shoes. Assume that both of them are equally good in other areas like intelligence and confidence. If you were to choose one of these two candidates whom would you choose? You would most likely go for the first one. Why is that? Based on his shabby appearance you perceived the second person to be lazy and careless. You felt that his careless attitude might also be reflected in the work he does if he gets selected, so you preferred to choose the first person. By being a little more careful about his appearance the first person has increased his chances of getting selected for the job.

Having said that is it worth being concerned about our looks? Yes it’s necessary to take care of our external appearance. But we must understand the difference between being concerned and being obsessed. You don’t have to strive hard to look like the supermodel on the cover page of a fashion magazine. All you need is a little effort to look uncluttered. Eat healthy food, stay fit and stay well groomed. Is that all? No, you are still missing an important factor required to make lasting impact on others. This missing ingredient is self-confidence.

If you are unhappy with your looks in spite of being well turned out then you need to work on your self-confidence. Even the most good-looking men and women are sometimes not happy with the way they look. They keep comparing themselves with others who seem more attractive to them. This keeps them in a never-ending state of disappointment. So stop comparing yourself with others. Learn to accept your flaws and appreciate your uniqueness. A confident person is more attractive than the one who is lacking in confidence. If you don’t feel good about your looks then that feeling would be reflected on your face and behavior when people meet you.

If being concerned about looks motivates a person to eat healthy food, exercise regularly and spruce up their appearance then why not consider it a positive trait rather than a negative one. After all you have got nothing to lose and all to gain. Our looks are God-gifted. We cannot change it, but making the best use of what we already have is our choice. Accentuate your best features, accept you flaws and stay happy with what you have.