Easy French Twist Hair Style

The French Twist hair style is a sophisticated all purpose hair-do that can been taken from the office, to the party, and even to a wedding. There are many variations on the French twist, but the basic French twist has only a few easy steps in achieving a stylish do in a matter of minutes.

You can begin with clean, washed and dried hair, or hair that has gone a day between washings. You will need some bobby pins, a fine tooth comb, a brush, and hair spray. I prefer aerosol hair spray, but pump hair spray works too.

Brush hair out thoroughly from roots to tip. Then with your fingers, section off the top section of hair from the top of your temples back to the crown. Pin this section up and out of the way. The direction of your twist will depend on which hand you are dominate with, but for the purpose of the article I will be doing it as a right-handed person.

Brush the bottom section back into a low, loose ponytail and hold in your dominate hand. With your dominate hand positioned palm up holding the hair over your hand, begin to twist pulling the hair up towards the crown of your head. Your hand will continue to move farther down the section of hair until you are holding the ends in your hand and your hair is twisted almost up to the crown.

From here you will want to tuck the ends in your hand under the twist part. It is easiest to do this while holding the twist against your head with your non-dominate hand. Once the hair has been tucked under, and while you are holding it with your non-dominate hand, pin the hair starting at the bottom going upwards with your dominate hand. Usually it takes five or six pins to secure, but with thicker hair you may need more.

Once your twist is secure in the back, let the top section of your hair down. You will want to part this section in half horizontally.

The crown section will need to be back-combed slightly to give a little lift to the top of your hair, unless you are going for the slicked back, tight look. Back-comb this section at the roots, then back comb the front section a little at the roots if you tend to have flat hair in front. You will want to leave enough hair in the front not back-combed to smooth over the back-combing.

Once you have back-combed and smoothed the section over, pull the hair back towards the crown and hold in the non-dominate hand. With the hair held between your thumb and forefinger, palm facing down, place your fingers just outside the beginning of the lump of the twist. This is going to be on the back side of the twist, not the pinned side, so if you pinned the twist on your left side, your fingers will be to the right of the twist.

With your dominate hand, place it just behind the hand holding the hair. So, if you are holding the hair with your left hand, you will be placing your right hand with your first finger touching the pinky finger of your left hand, and your right hand will be closer to the front of your head than your left hand.

With your dominate hand in this position, you will be placing your first finger just barely to the right of the lump at the top of the twist. With your thumb of your dominate hand, you will be bring it up to your forefinger to hold the hair, basically transferring it from the non-dominate hand.

With the non-dominate hand, you will be creating the loop of hair that is classically seen at the top of the French Twist. With your dominate hand with thumb and forefinger touching hold this position while you slide your other hand slowly down the hair and to the left, but do not go past the edge of the lump at the top of the twist. Begin to bring that hand up, pulling the hair against your dominate hand. As you pull up with the non-dominate hand, life your dominate hand up a little to bring the hair off the head.

Slide the ends that are being held in the non-dominate hand, under the dominate hand, creating the loop. If you have long hair, you may need to loop the hair around your dominate hand’s forefinger a few times. While holding the loop in place over top of the lump of the bottom twist, let go of the hair in your non-dominate hand (it is now being held by the dominate hand.) Pin the bottom section of the loop against the head so that it will stay in place if you removed your hand.

I found it is best to pin the loop so that it is about a quarter of an inch above the lump of the bottom twist. Once it is pinned, you will take the ends of the hair that are still sticking out of the loop and tuck them into the top of the bottom twist. After you do this, you may need to add several more pins to the loop at the top to hold it in place or to position it correctly over the bottom twist.

At this point your French Twist might not look perfect yet. You may need to comb the top section hair so that it blends with the bottom section with a fine tooth comb. If you wish to have any pieces of hair hanging to frame your face, pull them out and then hair spray your hair until it doesn’t move. Now you are ready for any occasion, from work to play, to black tie events. Add accessories to personalize or coordinate your style with what you are wearing or where you are going.