How to be Positive about your Body Image

Although everyone would like to believe that it is the beauty within that really counts, it is impossible to escape the reality that the way you look can influence how other people treat you. If people respond to you in a positive way then you are more likely to feel good about yourself than if someone calls you names, which is why you need to be a strong enough person to resist any negativity concerning your appearance, and focus on the positive.

It can help to remind yourself that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that just because someone tells you to your face that you’re fat and ugly doesn’t mean everybody else feels the same way. Nobody has exactly the same taste, and so some men find tall women attractive; others short women, some men find fat women attractive; others slim women, some men like women who wear make-up; others prefer women’s faces to be free of make-up. Similarly, some women find short, bald men attractive, while others prefer men who are tall, dark and handsome. It is all down to the individual’s preference, so you shouldn’t allow yourself to become preoccupied with what you perceive as flaws.

Sometimes the way you look can get you down, though, especially if you have been at the receiving end of negative comments in the past, as you are more likely to be self-conscious about those particular aspects of your appearance. You have to remember, though, that there are plenty of nasty people in the world who seem to derive great pleasure in reminding you of an issue that you are sensitive about. Perhaps you have a bit of a tummy or your ears stick out, and so the last thing you want to hear is snide remarks about your ‘flaws’, which is precisely why some individuals choose to comment upon them.

It doesn’t help when you continually compare yourself to others, either, particularly those who are in the public eye, and who make their living out of looking good. You don’t necessarily think about the amount of money they are being paid to maintain their appearance or how much help they have to look that way, and yet you can find yourself under a ridiculous amount of pressure to look like the rich and famous. This is despite the fact you don’t even have the time or money to do so, and so you just end up being more critical of your body and facial features, and feeling worse about your appearance.

You therefore need to find the aspects of your appearance that you don’t actually mind; maybe even like, and concentrate on the positive rather than allowing yourself to be dragged down by negativity if you ever want to improve your body image.