How to Create Loose Waves in Short Black Hair

The topic title is not clear.  I will assume, you are speaking of ethnic hair or African American hair in your description of “short black hair”. This title is ambiguous. So, we must first determine the texture of the hair. The length of the hair for a wavy style is not important, neither is the ethnicity of the person. Hair care products will enable you to achieve most any looks you may desire.

There have been many advances to caring for ethnic hair in the beauty industry. Visit a professional hair salon for consultation on the array of products offered to achieve any style you wish to have. 

Creating a loose wave in short hair may not be easy to achieve. The texture of the hair has to be considered in order to achieve a wavy look. If the hair texture is curly or coarse.

A perm to relax the hair is required to achieve the desired  loose wave look. Once the relaxer is applied and the hair has been shampooed and rinsed well.  A setting lotion may be applied to wet hair and finger combed through the hair into waves.

A curvy dip over an eye, as the hair is gently sculpted away from the face and held in place with clips.  Drying the hair, completely under the hair dryer will set the Marcelle Waves in place.

The importance of the hair being smooth and sculpted is the desired effect. Many hair fashion magazine suggest products for various ethnic hair types.  If the hair already has a soft wavy texture.

It is much more easier to obtain this style, by simply tying the hair in place with a wave cap or silk scarf, found in any beauty supply store.

The next step is to add a bit of sheen  with a light hair spray.  Short wavy hair is ideal for an evening out. This look is romantic and reminiscent of the roaring twenties flapper girl. A hair accessory, such as a flower can be worn to the side to add more drama, to this already sultry, dramatic style.

Think of Diana Ross in the movie, “The Lady Sings the Blues, in her role as legendary blues singer Billie Holiday. This movie can be your inspiration to create this glamorous look

This hair style is easy to maintain. Each evening  secure a scarf around the hair. Their will be no need for any further hair care products until the hair is shampooed again.  Yes, even short ethnic hair can serve you up a little  drama.