How to Style a Mohawk

Mohawks were the greatest thing since bread in the UK in the 1980s. Want-to-be punks and rebels of all sorts donned this hair style as a way of rebeling against the “norm.” The mohawk comes in many different variations, which include:

-Chelseahawk: bangs with a mohawk

-Duohawk: A mohawk split into two parts

-Sidehawk: Instead of the strip going from forehead to the back of the head, it goes from ear to ear.

Liberty spikes can be considered a normal mohawk to some, but others say it can very quite a bit. Liberty spikes are keeping the hair in the strip extremely long, to create a more dramatic scene when styled upright. This requires tedious combing, brushing, teasing, and constant reloading of product.

While being short of product can happen to any mohawk enthusiast, there are simple solutions to making an agreeable foundation for your beloved hair style.

Gelatin Gel

– 1 packet of gelatin (used in cheesecakes) and a little warm water, mixed together, can be a suffiecent gel. Warning: Work quickly with the gelatin mixture, for it can solidify and be useless.

Products I recommend for styling mohawk are:

Garnier Fructis Play style reshapable putty in STRONG (

Jack Black Body Building Hair Gel (

Frederic Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray (

For starters, please be sure you want to commit to a mohawk. Once it is done, its done.

1. First, you’re going to have to shave your head. Any standard clipping shears with the proper attachment for your hair’s length is needed. Shave all your precious except for a strip right down the middle. You might want some assistance for this part because the other person can measure the width and figure out the exact location of the strip.

2. Once you are almost bald, trim the strip you have created. Now, this all depends on the style of mohawk you want. If you want Liberty Spikes, thin out the hair that makes up the strip, so the styling process won’t involve heavy duty products or work. If you want a short and spiky mohawk, trim off the excess hair to the desired height.

3. Alright, you have your mohawk! Now, to style it, take either a heavy gel, or a pommade, wax, or styling cream and work it into the only hair you have on your head. While doing this, shape the hair up and into spikes. Set the style you have with hair spray.

If the idea of going fully bald scares you, you can always try a Fauxhawk. A fauxhawk is when the hair on the side of your head is trimmed very short and the would be strip is much wider and fuller with hair.