How to take Care of Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair isn’t the best thing to have when trying to have beautiful, healthy hair. Though it isn’t a severe hair problem, it can hinder you from reaching your hair goals. That being said, first thing you should know is how come frizzy hair is created. After that, you can know how to eliminate frizzy hair. This article will help you to accomplish that.

So first you should know how frizzy hair takes place. That will allow you to avoid doing the things you’re probably doing to cause it. Keep in mind that if you have thick, curly hair, your hair is more likely to frizz than someone with straight hair. That being said, here is some of the ways frizzy hair is caused:

–       Brushing your hair too hard or often

–       Washing your hair too often

–       Using hair products that contain alcohol and chemicals in them

–       Using hair styling equipment like blow dryers or flat irons that contain heat

–       Rubbing your hair with a towel

–       Too much exposure to the sun

Try to avoid doing any of these things. Notice that these factors that cause frizzy hair are things that you may do on a daily basis or often. If you’re doing any of these things either change your routine or refrain from doing them. In addition, here are some ways you can eliminate frizzy hair, while also having moisturized, healthy, and great looking hair:

Deep condition your hair at least once a week- Apply a good amount of conditioner into your hair and leave a shower cap on your hair for at least 15 minutes. The conditioner will do its work of deeply moisturizing your hair and scalp while eliminating any dryness. Make sure to rinse with cold water afterwards. Do this at least once a week.

Apply a avocado treatment on your hair- Avocados are rich in 25 essential nutrient including vitamin A, vitamin K, fiber, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin C, copper and potassium, among others. These nutrients are what your hair needs for the shiny, moisturized and healthy hair you’re looking for. Follow the avocado treatment recipe on the article Hydrate Skin & Hair and apply this treatment on your hair at least twice a week or more.

Use natural hair products- Some hair products that claim to be meant for moisturizing the hair contain chemicals that do the opposite of that. Make sure you’re always looking at the ingredients in hair products make sure they contain natural ingredients that will be beneficial to your hair. You can also combine ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, emu oil, or avocado oil to apply into your hair to eliminate frizzy hair. You can purchase these items from any beauty supply store in your area.