Stomach Exercises for Girls

Girls do not need to do any special exercises to work their abs differently than boys do. However, you can tighten your abs to shrink your waistline by doing stabilization exercises. Exercises that involve unstable surfaces or require you to hold your body in difficult positions work the ab muscles to tighten your stomach without creating big muscles.

Twist ‘n’ Shout

The twist ‘n’ shout exercise uses exercise discs or paper plates to create an unstable surface for you to stand on. While twisting your body on these movable surfaces, you challenge your abs to keep your balance. This exercise also works your back, legs and arms. To perform a twist ‘n’ shout, stand on a flat surface with one paper plate under each foot placed about hip-width apart. Hold a towel or strap between your hands with your arms bent in front of your body at shoulder height. Lift onto the balls of your feet. Then, twist your shoulders to the right and your hips to the left. Keep your heels lifted and twist your shoulders and hips in the opposite direction.

Walk the Plank and Rotate

The walk the plank and rotate exercise targets your abs to hold your body with your back straight as you get into a plank position and twist your body. Your shoulders, hips, back and chest muscles are also strengthened by doing the walk the plank and rotate exercise. An aerobic step is used to perform this exercise. The starting position is achieved by placing your hands on an aerobic step with the step positioned vertically in front of you. Place your hands near the center of the step with your arms straight and your chest over your hands. Straighten your legs behind you to support yourself on your toes. Make your body into a straight line from head to toe and squeeze your abs to keep your spine straight throughout the exercise. From this starting position, raise your right arm straight toward the ceiling and twist your body sideways until your right shoulder and hip are stacked above your left shoulder and hip. Return to the center starting position and then twist to raise your left arm toward the ceiling.

Nose-to-Knee Crunch

The nose-to-knee crunch exercise doesn’t include a crunch at all. The ab muscles are worked as you stabilize your body with your hands on a stability ball in a reverse plank position. The muscles of your glutes, hips, shoulders and chest get worked during a nose-to-knee crunch, too. Get into position for this exercise by placing your palms on top of a ball and placing your feet on the floor behind you. Lift your hips and straighten your back. Then, bend your right knee and pull it into your chest. Return your foot to the floor and bend your left knee into your chest.

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