What Affects Hair Growth

Many people say that their hair goes through phases of either growing very slowly or very quickly. And this may sound strange as for most people hair will grow at a fairly steady rate. But there are many things that can effect the rate at which your hair will grow.

One of the most common reasons for a slowing rate of hair growth is inconsistent eating habits. Many of us lead an incredibly busy lifestyle so we tend to skip a meal here and grab a snack there. We skip meals on a regular basis, very often choosing to have a large meal at the end of the day. This can be incredibly confusing for our bodies. Our insides thrive on regular sustenance and so when it becomes irregular, the body will alter. It will cling to any nutrition it is getting and reserve it solely for the vital organs and essential processes of the body. This means that it will be diverted from things like hair, nails and skin because the body thinks it will not get anymore food for a long while.

Another of the most common causes of hair growth slowing is stress. Even though stress is not a physical condition itself, it can trigger many different physical symptoms. One of the most common of which is slowed hair growth. This is a less reported symptom because it is not always obvious as many people are too stressed to notice the rate at which their hair grows. Stress also causes a lack of sleep which is absolutely essential to hair growth. Try to remain as calm as possible. Use relaxation techniques to help you switch off at the end of the day.

A very common symptom of vitamin B deficiency is  that hair is not growing properly. Vitamin B is essential for the promotion of healthy circulation. Make sure your diet contains plenty of meat, plain unsalted nuts and vegetables. All of these foods are rich in vitamin B.

Low iron levels are also responsible for slowed rate of hair growth. Iron is responsible for carrying oxygen to the blood and then helping to carry the blood round the body. If the iron levels are low then the body’s iron stores are reserved for the vital organs in order to keep them functioning properly. Iron will be directed away from the hair, skin and nails and saved for more vital parts. Your diet should contain plenty of leafy green vegetables and eggs. Red meat should be eaten but not in excess.